Life insurance is simpler than ever. Millennials are reaching the age in which financial security becomes a priority. We use data science and technology to make life insurance simple and effective for them.

Cut the FOMO (fear of missing out). Make some wise financial choices today! (Seriously, your parent’s jaws… will… drop). Here’s the thing… life insurance isn’t about who leaves this world, it’s about who is left behind. You get to decide how they’re going to live. And the other kicker? It takes less than 10 minutes to secure their lifestyle for decades to come.

You’re busy, busy, busy…We get it.

You’re young, discovering love and just getting started to live. We understand that talking about life insurance can be morbid. We know you are young and healthy and don’t want to go through life with this cloud over your head. And finally, you’re a busy bee. You have to focus on so many goals and tasks, life insurance is the last thing on your mind. All this, combined with the misconception that it’s expensive, really puts a speed bump on your road to financial protection.

Good news, it’s simpler than you ever imagined.

Not just simpler; It’s cheaper, faster and far more valuable than you could imagine. While it’s an extremely worthwhile purchase, its easily overrun by worries involving debt (thank you bachelor’s degree!) or other insurances such as car, health etc. But the fact that you have these worries are the reason you SHOULD get a Lifefy policy.

Life is sweet, sour, and going to surprise you.

You don’t know what’s around the corner. For this reason, you should save money now. Saving money for when you might not be around to enjoy it might seem counterintuitive. The thing is, your rate (i.e. premium) is as low as it will ever be this very minute. Lifefy’s term life insurance has this beautiful thing called locked rates. Essentially, that low low price is going to lock itself and never go up for as long as the term of your policy! That’s right, buying the plan today as opposed to tomorrow could mean thousands of dollars in savings. Maybe you can even take those savings and start your own business! Now you’re the boss and with some good financial planning, it can be your legacy.

Just take out your smartphone, you have choices.

Next you simply choose the length of the term. Keep in mind that with a locked rate, the longer the better. You don’t want the policy to end in just a few years and then get stuck with a bigger premium, having to apply again at an older age. For less than the price of your daily cup of coffee, cement your security for decades to come. And let us really add a cherry on your financial sundae: it’s instant, there are no medical exams or agents.

Benefits you can see, but hopefully you won’t.

There are living benefits as well with its Accelerated Death Benefit. This extremely useful “rider” protects you financially by advancing half of your death benefit when diagnosed with a terminal disease. Many people who find themselves in this unfortunate circumstance find themselves being attacked from two sides. The first is the actual disease. The second attack comes from the financial burden of hospital and palliative care, whilst living. There’s no greater pain than having to see your loved ones suffering or struggling. The Accelerated Death Benefit relieves the stress caused by these issues so you can concentrate on everything else before passing.

FOMO is history!

Your “fear of missing out” on life insurance is done! Now it is YOU that people are dreading missing out on. We love protecting and amplifying people’s life with our Lifefy policies. Because you are the reason we exist, and we are here for you… always.


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