Even if you’re not concerned about passing away because of COVID-19, wouldn’t you want to give your loved ones peace of mind in these uncertain times? Be prepared for what’s ahead. Get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

With COVID-19 impacting more than 144,000 Americans and counting, people are purchasing life insurance policies more than ever and eagerly focusing on estate planning, creating wills and organizing their assets thoroughly. 

Life Insurance Can Cover Your Family Immediately 

With life insurance you can start protecting your family NOW, literally, immediately. You may apply from your phone, tablet, computer, or any device and from wherever you are at this current moment. 

What makes Lifefy application instant? Well, it is 100% online, it does not require a medical exam as part of the application and there are no calls or endless paperwork needed to be filled out. In 10 minutes you can apply, be approved and be covered with life insurance; this is amazing and revolutionary. 

The approval process is the same if you apply today as if you had applied two months ago; we understand that you might be uncertain about how the coronavirus affects a life insurance policy, but the novel coronavirus will not impact your right to get covered with life insurance at this moment. 

Will my policy cover death from COVID-19 or a pandemic?

As long as you were honest on your application regarding preexisting conditions and plans for travel, policies sold by Lifefy cover death from COVID-19 or any other pandemic.

Life Insurance Without A Medical Exam? Yes!

Insurance carriers want to know your likelihood of dying. They start by finding out your current health status and one way is of course the medical exam, which is the traditional way. 

Other very few companies, like Lifefy, use sophisticated algorithms to eliminate the need for medical exams and endless questionnaires. Rather, we utilize prescription, criminal, credit, and driving records from third-party databases to evaluate and underwrite individuals. This alternative method is called “simplified issue” underwriting. 

In conclusion, when it comes to applying for life insurance, there are ways to get covered without a medical exam, eliminating the commute to a testing location, or waiting for a medical professional, to be poked and prodded. 

Estate Planning, The Right Way 

Regarding estate planning, lawyers caution that DIY wills can be deemed invalid if they don’t meet all of the legal requirements of your state. At Lifefy, when you purchase your life insurance policy, you automatically can create an account with us and get amazing benefits – free of charge. We offer complimentary services such as: wills, powers of attorney, advance directives, estate planning documents, and final wishes, among other important documents. 

We have always encouraged people to work on their estate planning; it is fundamental to plan ahead for when they are no longer here. Estate planning allows you to choose who gets what, it affords you the chance to name your children’s guardian in the event of your premature death, reduces taxes on what you leave behind, and minimizes the chances of family strife and ugly legal battles.

Lifefy Offers Complimentary Financial Services 

Main Reasons You Need Life Insurance

1. To pay off your debts

A life insurance policy can provide a lump sum death benefit to make sure those financial hurdles are covered, as well as make up for the income that was originally intended to take care of it all.

2. Cover your children’s future

If you are in good health and you are young, you can get a fantastic rate today that will get locked in for years to come.  Cover their education and lifestyle until they can get on their feet. They might find themselves without the ability to pay rent, food, clothing, utilities, healthcare and education, just to name a few.

3. Income Replacement

In a world when so many homes require two incomes just to cover basic expenses, protecting the flow of funds is more important than ever. What would happen if that flow ceased and the paychecks suddenly stopped? 

4. Pay off your end-of-life expenses.

Funerals can actually cost thousands of dollars. From the casket to the ceremony, your loved ones will have to pay up. Life insurance can cover your funeral expenses. In addition to funerals, consider estate tax plans. If your estate is valued over $11.2 million, your heirs will be stuck with quite a tax bill. 

5. Secure the future of your passion projects (Your purpose) 

Many people have businesses and projects that are the result of a lifetime of work. In many cases, this is the legacy they leave behind. If they don’t financially secure these assets, businesses can disintegrate, and projects can slip away into the ether. Term Life Insurance is the way to go. Leave protection, not chaos.

6. Sleep a little easier for less than you think.

Life insurance rates are far less than what you might imagine. In reality, if you set everything up at a young age, the price can be so low that you will hardly even notice it! The majority of Americans estimate the cost of term life insurance to be 3 to 4 times more than the actual price.

How To Apply For No-Medical Exam Insurance?

Get Your Personalized Quote 

Most insurance providers offer you teaser rates that are distant from your actual final price. Be sure to get in front of a carrier that doesn’t deviate from its promise. Get an instant and accurate quote now that would be extremely close or exactly the same as your final price. 

Apply and Get Covered in 10 Minutes 

Once you have reviewed your rates, select your preferred option. Get a decision in 2 minutes and covered in fewer than 10 by answering our exceptionally easy and friendly questionnaire. Should you have any queries or concerns, our friendly Chatbot and customer service agents will be ready to assist along the way.

Get Additional Benefits.

Once covered, you can login to your Lifefy portal – LifeHub where all of your documents and additional benefits will be available 24/7. Also, you will have complimentary access to LegacyShield, a platform where you can manage all of your succession documents and alert your designated heirs when the time has come. Amazing, right?

Click Here to Get Covered Now! 

Your loved ones will thank you, and so will your peace of mind.


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