The Birth of a Digital Platform; Life Insurance… Remastered

With streamlined navigations, easy-to-use applications and a sleek design, the fresh hits the life insurance market with much anticipation. The industry will never be the same.

Launching a digital platform is a daunting (albeit exciting) task. To successfully release this pivotal aspect of the modern business, a wealth of preparation and finger-breaking work is required. As the world moves towards analytics and dynamic surfing trends, a successful company must live up to the preferences and expectations of their demographic, otherwise, be left in the dust.

Details, details and details!

The reality is that no launch is complete without an overflow of bugs, delays, debates and information exchange. The team becomes close, relationships are created as fires get put out and we grow and learn. The Miami skyline adorns our bright rooms in the modern building that Lifefy calls home.

Lifefy was founded, out of a passion to help people amplify their lives.

Our story began with the belief that everyone deserves steadfast, effective and reliable life insurance. Everyone should have access to the opportunity to protect their legacy, quickly and easily. We put together a team to make this idea a reality.

“The life insurance industry expects you to adapt your distribution to already existing products and compete on price. But we inverted the equation and set out to create a new product, tailored specifically to our user experience, hence competing through actual value added and lasting customer relationships.” Says Jose Ortega, Lifefy COO.

After years of providing life insurance solutions to the Hispanic market through Lifefy’s predecessor, Apoyo Seguro, the founders felt that we could do even more by catering to the entire underserved population that traditional life insurance companies have left behind.

The ideal team, at the ideal time.

Many members of the Lifefy team have been working together for decades in those previous endeavors. These years provided the connections, skills and baseline required to inspire the idea that led to the countdown. Our relationships are key ingredients necessary to provide products that aren’t just cost-effective, but also dependable. Lifefy partnered with SBLI (The Savings Bank Mutual Life Insurance Company of Massachusetts) to radically transform the current customer buying experience. Through our partnership with SBLI, our clients can feel at ease, knowing that their most precious asset (their loved ones) is protected by more than a century of financial strength and pristine record. We vet our partners to keep policyholders beyond satisfied.

“We have always stayed true to the core values of our founder,” says James Morgan, President and CEO of SBLI. “In Lifefy, we found a partner with extensive experience and an innovative vision of how to reach a new segment of consumers. More importantly, a partner that shares our commitment to excellence while being aligned to our promise of living up to high standards with every customer we serve, meet and every policy we issue,” he added.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

We set out to make life insurance accessible to all people. With this in mind, decisions had to be made. Deep thought went into everything from the tranquility inherent in lavender to the font and platform structure. It was important to make our clients comfortable and simultaneously confident that their legacy is safe in Lifefy’s hands.  

We chose the simplest and most effective type of life insurance, Term Life. Lifefy starts at the core, insuring your financial stability and lifestyle through an efficient and transparent digital experience. Far from an application, our buying process is hassle-free with no medical exams or phone calls; providing essential term life insurance in under 10 minutes. Life simplified, life amplified, be Lifefy!


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Our company is built on a foundation of values; empathy, integrity and loyalty. From young professionals to new families, we support our clients as they take a proactive approach towards protecting their legacy.

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