Life Insurance

How Much Coverage Do I need?

The calculator gives the maximum coverage recommended. However, if you cannot afford How much should you spend on groceries? Should you upgrade your family car to a newer model? Am I paying too much for electricity? When you consider how many things in your life need planning, it becomes apparent that life insurance is no

6 Reasons You Need Life Insurance.

Let’s talk about life… insurance. Many of us need time to mature and realize the importance of one of humanity’s most important financial inventions. The irony is that the longer it takes you to come to the conclusion that you need life insurance, the more costly it becomes. It is easy to buy a policy

Getting to Know Your Accelerated Death Benefit

Congratulations on taking an important step towards financial responsibility. You are savvy and well prepared, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article! Now, you may have concluded that your loved ones and your legacy deserve protection. Now that you are taking the adequate steps to responsible financial planning, let’s talk about a specific feature included

Single? Here’s Why You Still Need Life Insurance…

Have you ever searched for life insurance on your phone? Even if you haven’t, it’s likely you’ve been on the consumer side of a targeted ad. You scroll down your phone’s feed like any given lunch break and happy babies and giggling toddlers are out in full force to tell you about the importance of

Millennials Discover Life Insurance

Life insurance is simpler than ever. Millennials are reaching the age in which financial security becomes a priority. We use data science and technology to make life insurance simple and effective for them.