Life Insurance: The Best Response to Coronavirus

Even if you’re not concerned about passing away because of COVID-19, wouldn’t you want to give your loved ones peace of mind in these uncertain times? Be prepared for what’s ahead. Get the coverage you need at a price you can afford. With COVID-19 impacting more than 144,000 Americans and counting, people are purchasing life

How Sitting Down Affects Your Health

Research has made connections between long periods of sitting and a series of health problems. Conditions such as increased blood pressure, excess body fat, high blood sugar and obesity have all been linked to the modern sedentary work style. Many of these health issues – including high cholesterol levels and excess body fat around the

sad girl in a room

How Grief Works : Life After Loss

Few things in life are certain. We will all age. We will all experience anger, joy, hunger and thirst at one point or another. And of course, we will all pass away. Your loved ones are included. When death cannot be avoided, we must prepare to deal with it as best we can. Once this

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Dogs as Pets; The Pros and Cons!

Warning, cuteness overload ahead! It should come as no surprise that people love dogs. They actually provide humans with many health benefits. To be fair, we’ve put together the cons, as well. “Cons??” You might ask. Yes, what some might see as a part of life with a dog, others consider deal-breaking drawbacks. But it’s