A Passion to Amplify Lives

Our company is built on a foundation of values; empathy, integrity and loyalty. From young professionals to new families, we support our clients as they take a proactive approach towards protecting their legacy. The journey began with the belief that everyone deserves steadfast, effective and reliable life insurance. Then, we put together a team to make this idea a reality…​

A New Way to Buy Life Insurance

We offer quick, affordable and completely paperless solutions that deliver confidence and financial peace of mind to protect families when the unexpected knocks on their door. Lifefy starts at the core, insuring our clients’ financial stability and lifestyle through a simple and transparent digital experience. Our application is hassle-free with no medical exams; providing essential term life insurance in minutes.

It started as a personal journey to give back to the community …. I understood the challenges and wanted to provide them the tools and services needed to care and protect their families.” 

Al Vilar

Al Vilar, Lifefy CEO.

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Our relationships are key ingredients, necessary to provide products that aren’t just cost-effective, but also dependable. Through our partnership with SBLI, our clients (that’s you!) feel at ease, knowing that their most precious asset (their loved ones) is protected by more than a century of stability and financial strength. We vet our partners to keep you beyond satisfied.

We are currently available in 38 states.

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